5 Basic Car Repair Facility

Every time you visit a car repair facility, there is always that one mechanic you wonder what he is doing there. Most mechanics use their skills by working for others. Some believe that starting a car repair facility is very expensive and that they cannot afford.

If you are anything close to this, then this article here is for you. Starting a car repair facility doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You just need to be self-motivated and have the basic knowledge of business as well as some capital. If you are looking to start a car repair shop soon and don’t know where to start, continue reading this post to the end to learn more.


When starting a car repair business, you need to ensure that the place you choose for your business is strategically placed. The location needs to be near the road and easily accessible. Apart from that, the shop should have these features:

Wide access

A high rooftop and solid six-inch floor
Adequate space
Enough space
Natural lighting. This is great especially when checking for stains
Permit, fluid and oil system

In many countries, territories, and states there are rules and areas where you are not allowed to set up a workshop. The first thing to do here is to ensure the administration of the place you wish to purchase or lease. Here are some of the things to handle first;
Make sure you have the right drainage set up if the huge oils spill
Make sure you can keep volatile chemicals related to the work you do
Make sure you are allowed to run all the machinery in the area legally
Finally, make sure you have electricity connected to the facility for the smooth running of your daily tasks.

Standard tools

If you are going to purchase s hoist, ensure you invest in a quality one. If you -purchase a cheap one, expect to go back to the market within two years. Pick your hoist, based on the type of work you are going to use it for. You should get one with a clear design. Keep in mind that purchasing the wrong span is risky. Another tool you should consider purchasing is a bench. With them, you can use a lot of space the way you want.

Paint the floor

The floor of your workshop is crucial. It needs to endure stains that are as a result of hot and dirty thin oil. You need to paint the floor as this will help the oil spills from soaking into the concrete and then weakening it.

Wheel alignment

While this can be expensive, it is a crucial machine for your facility. You will need this when it comes to wheel balancing. Therefore ensure you have it in your shop – read article on types of car maintenance.


Now you know the basic cat repair facility items that you need. You don’t need to be an expert to know these things. Even if you are not a mechanic, you can still start a repair shop and hire a mechanic.